The following courses must be passed with a grade of "C" or better:

Cuyamaca College Course CBU Course
ANTH 120 ANT 225
BIO 140 and BIO141 and BIO141L BIO 153/L
BIO 140 and BIO141 and BIO141L BIO 163/L
BIO 152 BIO 205/L
CHEM 120 CHE 102
CHEM 112 CHE 112/L
COMM 122 COM 113
ENGL 120 ENG 113
ENGL 124 ENG 123
MATH 103 or MATH 106 or MATH 110 or MATH 175 or MATH 160 MAT 115 or STA 144
PSY 150 PSY 120

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The Office of the University Registrar reserves the right to alter and revise the contents of this agreement at any time.

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