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  We are currently in the process of updating movies to coincide with the new TES interface design. The movies below were created with the previous TES interface but will accurately demonstrate the underlying functional aspects of TES.  


Course Finder
Demonstrates how to search for an institution and find corresponding courses.
Alternate Search
Explores other institution search options.
Equivalency Finder
View-only access to your equivalency data.
Course List/Equivalency Report
Create and save a list of courses and then run an equivalency check.
Course Change Explorer
Compare course information from two catalogs of the same institution.


Evaluation Tracker - Sender
Using the evaluation workflow to request a transfer course evaluation.
Evaluation Tracker - Reviewer
Using the evaluation workflow to service and review transfer course evaluation requests.


Equivalency Manager Part 1
How to create and store transfer course equivalencies.
Equivalency Manager Part 2
Working with groups and group reports to organize/publish your equivalency data.
Equivalency Batch Editor
Search and find equivalencies and edit them in batch.
Equivalency Explorer
Reports to explore and expand your equivalency data.
User Added Courses
Add special courses for use with equivalencies to designate elective credit, non-direct equivalent, OR no transfer scenarios.
Course Tags and Outlines
Mark your courses with internal or system specific codes. Also, add course outlines to your courses.


User Preferences
How to change your password and default landing page.
Administrator Level Tutorials
Usage Statistics
Generate TES® usage statistic reports.
Evaluation Workflow
Set Send Email Alert Default Setting. Send completed evaluation task alerts to a specified email.
Public View Management
How to set-up your equivalencies for public display on your website.
User Management
How to add/edit users and manage user rights.
Equivalency Import and Export Options
Briefly describes import and export options regarding your equivalency data.

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